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Minecraft Crafting

                          Minecraft crafting:

 Crafting Wood Planks from Wood Crafting Sticks from Wood Crafting Torches from Stick and Coal Crafting Workbench from Wood  Crafting Furnace from Cobblestone Crafting Chest from Wood Crafting Ore Blocs from Ingots Crafting Brimstone from Glowstone Dust Crafting TNT from Sulphur and Sand Crafting Cloth Block from String Crafting Clay Block from Clay Crafting Brick from Clay BricksCrafting Snow Block from Snowballs Crafting Bookshelf from Wood and BooksCrafting Sandstone from Sand Crafting Steps from CobblestoneCrafting Stairs from Wood or Cobblestone Crafting Jack-O-Lantern from Pumpkin and TorchCrafting Pickaxes from Several Resources Crafting Shovels from Several ResourcesCrafting Hoes from Several Resources Crafting Axes from Several ResourcesCrafting Bucket from Iron Ingots Crafting Flint and SteelCrafting Fishing Rod from Sticks and String Crafting Compass from Iron Ingots and Redstone DustCrafting Watch from Gold and Redstone Dust Crafting Sword from Stick and Other ResourcesCrafting Bow from Sticks and String Crafting Arrows from Flint, Feather and StickCrafting Helmets from Several Resources Crafting Chestplates from Several ResourcesCrafting Leggings from Several Resources Crafting Boots from Several ResourcesCrafting Rails from Stick and Iron Crafting MinecartCrafting Powered Minecart Crafting Storage Minecart from Minecart and ChestCrafting Boat from Wood Minecraft Crafting Redstone TorchCrafting Lever from Cobblestone and Stick Crafting Pressure Plates from Wooden Planks or Stone Crafting Trapdoor with 6 Wooden Planks Minecraft Crafting DoorsCrafting Stone Button Crafting Jukebox from Wood and DiamondCrafting Note Block from Wood and Redstone Dust Crafting Dispenser from bow, cobblestone and redstone dustCrafting Redstone Repeater from Stone, Redstone Dust and Redstone Torches Minecraft Crafting BreadMinecraft Crafting Mushroom Stew Minecraft Crafting BowlsMinecraft Crafting Golden Apple Crafting Sugar from Sugar CaneCrafting Cake from Milk, Sugar, Wheat and Egg Minecraft Crafting PaperMinecraft Crafting Fence Minecraft Crafting LadderMinecraft Crafting Book Minecraft Crafting SignCrafting Ore from Ore Blocks Minecraft Crafting PaintingCrafting Bed from Wool and Wooden Planks Crafting Rose Red Dye from RoseCrafting Orange Dye from Rose Red and Dandelion Yellow Crafting Dandelion Yellow Dye from DandelionCrafting Lime Dye from Bonemeal and Cactus Green Crafting Light Blue Dye from Lapis Lazuli and BonemealCrafting Cyan Dye from Lapis Lazuli and Cactus Green Crafting Pink Dye from Rose Red and BonemealCrafting Magneta Dye from Pink and Purple Dye Crafting Purple Dye from Lapis Lazuli and Rose RedCrafting Light Gray Dye from Ink Sack and Bone Meal  Crafting Light Grey Dye 2Crafting Gray Dye from Ink Sack and Bone Meal Crafting Bone Meal from BoneCrafting Red Wool from Rose Red and Wool Crafting Green Wool from Cactus Green and WoolCrafting Brown Wool from Wool and Cocoa Bean Crafting Orange Wool from Wool and Orange DyeCrafting Yellow Wool from Dandelion Yellow and Wool Crafting Light Blue Wool from Wool and Light Blue DyeCrafting Cyan Wool from Wool and Cyan Dye Crafting Blue Wool from Wool and Lapis LazuliCrafting Pink Wool from Wool and Pink Dye Crafting Magenta Wool from Wool and Magenta DyeCrafting Purple Wool from Wool and Purple Dye Crafting Light Gray Wool from Wool and Light Gray DyeCrafting Grey Wool from Wool and Grey Dye Crafting Black Wool from Ink Sack and Wool

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